Brokers and Police for the Occupation Favorite 



Oct 23 2011


New York City

Two members of the Yes Lab brought a dozen thrift-store suits to Zuccotti Park and asked for volunteers. Then, within earshot of the police, the group made a human microphone announcement about a "highly risky, very arrestable" action. Then, together with a brand-new police escort, the group headed towards the Wall Street Bull chanting "Castrate the bull!" and other angry slogans. More police joined.

Finally, the "brokers" reversed the empty pizza boxes they were holding and held them up to reveal their message for the two dozen photographers present: "POLICE AND BROKERS FOR THE OCCUPATION." At least a few of the photos were shared on Facebook thousands of times, and one appeared in a Long Island tabloid, without any comment, to illustrate an article about police overtime. (Click for high-resolution.)

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This project was really about contributing to the fun and bravado, and fun bravado, of Occupy Wall Street. While it did nothing in and of itself, it may have helped OWS, which changed the US national discourse.