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Feb 1 2017


Portland OR

Created by and for women, Broccoli is an independent print magazine based in Portland, Oregon. Although intended for cannabis users, Broccoli is an art and lifestyle magazine that bills itself as “playful, informed, eclectic, and thoughtful.” It encourages the discovery and appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art, culture, and fashion. After the passage of the 2018 United States farm bill, Broccoli was the first organization to put cannabis in the Museum of Modern Art PS1, as part of “Hothouse: Flowers and Cannabis Culture with Broccoli Magazine.” The event and the magazine aim to normalize cannabis, a plant that has been demonized for nearly a century.

Broccoli was launched in 2017 by Anja Charbonneau, the former creator at Kinfolk. The magazine publishes an issue three times a year and now has a podcast, “Broccoli Talk,” which airs new episodes every two weeks. Their vision was a cannabis print publication that would be accessible to everyone (Broccoli is free and available to order) without compromising the quality or content of the magazine. Each page of Broccoli is mesmerizing, filled with stories that cover everything from psychedelic insects to a Pop artist nun and traditional Mexican candle making. Each issue balances fun and educational content with a covetable (and instagrammable) aesthetic. Maintaining the emphasis on women in cannabis, the magazine features visually appealing ads of products created by women and highlights the need for diversity in the cannabis industry. Broccoli attempts to break down the stigma of the modern stoners by looking at cannabis through the lens of contemporary culture

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The magazine has been around for three years now, and has amplified the voices of many who would otherwise not be featured in other forms of media.