The Bank Favorite 



Oct 2 2013



Many of the banks originally situated on Bank Street in Sharjah have left for more lucrative locations, so we have imagined a new, non-monetary banking model for the street.

What if we were to regard the sum total of memories and stories of the people in this area as the real capital of the street?
And what if this new currency could be invested in the new Bank Street and converted into physical objects?

The result might be a credit default swap in the form of a rusty metal dinosaur from a Portuguese suburb. Or a cashpoint that dispenses a ceramic pot of drinking water from a neighborhood in Islamabad. "The Bank" is an urban currency converter of such personal memories and stories, bringing great profit to Bank Street.

For establishing of "The Bank" people from the are around Bank Street has been asked to nominate specific city objects such as benches, bins, trees, playgrounds and signage from other countries that represents incredible stories and or vague memories. These objects were chosen from a country of the inhabitant’s national origin or from somewhere else encountered through traveling. The objects were either produced in a 1:1 copy or bought and transported to the site.

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