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May 18 2014



"On 17 December 1976, 18-year-old Eduardo Raúl Germano was abducted in Rosario, Argentina. Following the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the 1976 coup d’état, Gustavo Germano, Eduardo’s brother, began working on the photography exhibition "Ausencias" (Absences). Born in 1964 in the Argentinean Province of Entre Río, Gustavo Germano started taking photographs of the journeys he made across Latin America in 1987. He worked as a journalist, photographer and graphic editor for various Argentinean newspapers and in 2001 moved to Barcelona, where he still resides. Five years later he started developing his photographic project "Ausencias" which has been running since October 2007 and has been exhibited in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, France,Italy, and Switzerland. Auscencias consists of seven sets of two large-scale photographs; in each pair the first photograph is taken prior to 1976, while the second one, taken recently, faithfully recreates the composition of the first, except for the desaparecidos (the disappeared) who are conspicuously absent."

The military dictatorship left around 30,000 people disappeared or killed in Argentina and other parts of South America. Artists have been finding ways to mend the wounds that are still open today. It is a form of resistance, a way to never let anyone forget what happened during the regime, so that it will never happen again.

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