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Jul 24 2018



"Brazilian artist Mundano is used to spending his time on the road and in the streets, making art as an act of protest. Known for leaving his colorful works of graffiti on walls around the world, Mundano is especially dedicated to issues of environmental and social justice and spotlighting the overlooked work of Brazil’s trash collectors through his Pimp My Carroça campaign.
For his latest project, though, Mundano stayed still. Over three busy months this past spring, Mundano made 54 new works in São Paulo. Vozes Mundanas, his biggest show to date, takes his activist energy to the white walls of a gallery, raising awareness on a wide range of social problems — including Brazil’s water crisis, global inequality and endless human consumption."
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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

To amplify many other voices — including those of indigenous people, refugees, women and the LGBTQ community. Solve Brazil’s water crisis, global inequality and endless human consumption.


Allowed people who are not usually able to take part in the art world to be exposed to his work such as public-school children. They also guided a group of deaf and blind visitors through the show. Exposing art to typically marginalized people.