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Mar 14 2010


The United States

From March 14, 2010 to May 31, 2010, in the Museum of Modern Art, Marina Abramović held an activist art called The Artist Is Present. In the exhibition, there were simply a pair of chairs and a desk. Abramović sat on one chair, and the participators could sit on another chair voluntarily. Without a word, Abramović and the participators just looked at each other’s eyes. The art exhibition lasted for two and a half months, total 736 hours and 30 minutes, with more than 1500 participators.

With this artistic activism, Abramović see herself playing a role of an origin, using her clam to guide people’s emotions and thoughts. During the whole process, no matter the participators were anxiety, moved, cool, or crying, she just sat without any expression.

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