Artist cages Boston's "Make Way for Duckings" statue Favorite 



Aug 9 2019



Alzayer put cages around Boston's "Make Way for Ducklngs" statues, separating the baby duckling statues from the mother. The original statues were created in 1987 by Nancy Schon and the mallard family is based on the children's book by Robert McCloskey.
Alzayer placed wire cages around the ducklings, grouping them into pairs and caged the mother duck alone. Each duck was wrapped in a foil emergency blanket similar to the ones used in detention centers at the US-Mexico border. The intervention on the iconic statues is meant as a political protest on the separation of families and use of child detention centers at the US-Mexico border and the artist purposefully chose the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue because she believes that the duck family in the children's book represent the immigrant family. Even though her cages and blankets were removed a couple hours after she placed them, Alzayer hopes that it sparks a conversation about immigration.

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