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Aug 1 2013


Coimbra, Portugal

In July and August 2013, O Teatrão, a Coimbra based theatre company, presented the project Arruinados, comprising three theatre performances in three abandoned spaces (‘ruins’), one in each of three cities in the Centre region of Portugal located along the Mondego River:Coimbra, Montemoro Velho, and Figueira da Foz. Developed through a community theatre approach, the artistic presentations were based on the collection of local memories, including local testimonies and other types of local materials from local, social, and economic history. The objectives of the project were to bring under reflection how different types of urban and rural ruins, understood as scars and tattoos of a country, may
speak about the history of that country and, at the same time, may inspire the possible future transformations and possibilities of change. In parallel with this reflection, the artistic production embodies a strong commitment to build collective projects; a sense of a shared,
common territory; and a network of people and things to explore and articulate, in a localized,
concrete way, the history of Portugal between 1890 and 2020.

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