Activists get branded with hot steel Favorite 



Oct 2 2012



On October 2nd 2012, World Farmed Animals Day, three animal rights activists in Israel got branded with a hot steel brand, in the same way that farmed animals are branded in factory farms.

The branding of the calf's number, chosen by the industry to be "269", is for us an act of solidarity and immortalization. We hope to be able to raise awareness and empathy towards those, whose cries of terror and pain are only heard by steel bars and the blood stained walls of the slaughterhouses.

We are all equal in our suffering, and if humanity has any chance of surviving and evolving, then we need to accept that the oppression of the weak - excused by gender, race, or biological race - lacks any rationality and fundamental sensitivity towards those who may not cry out using our language, but feel pain no less than us.

So we ask: What will happen with the individual numbered "269"?

Is his life not more meaningful than a pointless, sanguinary practice?

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