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Feb 25 1996


Latin America

The Acción Poética movement is a literary phenomenon that began in Monterrey, Mexico in 1996. It was founded by Mexican poet Armando Alanis Pulido and involves painting and intervening abandoned walls in cities with fragments of poetry. The content is usually love poems or optimistic phrases. Also, some phrases refer to the current situation in the cities (though one of their rules is to not talk about politics or religious beliefs). The form is very simple: white background and black letters. And they follow an apparent simple belief: "without poetry there is no city".

The choice of verses is completely free. It is fun to imagine how and why each is written in that particular spot. At first verses were homegrown, remnants of the poems of their authors. Then they evolved to quote Octavio Paz or Borges. Today it is not difficult to find letters of Fito Páez and Joaquin Sabina adorning the streets and stirring up the pedestrian (though the author is never mentioned).

The interventions have spread through out Latin America, and is now present in over 40 cities.

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