Y'en A Marre Favorite 



Jan 16 2011


Dakar, Senegal

"Y’en a Marre (“We're Fed Up") first emerged in 2011 as a grassroots campaign against injustice and inequality in Senegal. Spearheaded by the hip hop group Keur Gui Crew in response to local power outages, the nascent protest movement went on to mobilize against the controversial bid by Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade to remain in office for a third term.

The constitutional changes that Wade proposed would have safeguarded his victory in the next elections. The Y’en a Marre movement responded by saying “Enough is enough” (“Y’en a Marre!”). In an extraordinary show of solidarity, Senegalese citizens, civil society organizations, and youth united to speak out against rampant corruption, rising unemployment, and regular electricity outages."

In order to mobilize the youth to vote, the men understood that they had to connect them to the resources that would allot them this privilege. Senegal has a massive youth population - individuals under the age of 20 accounting for 60% of some 13 million total. The Keur Gui Crew spoke out against apathy and violence, saying, "Your voting card is your weapon." At each of their concerts, they provided registration materials for the youth there to get their cards. An unprecedented number turned out for and voted in the 2012 election, which boosted incumbent Wade from office. Macky Sall is now in office. The group claims no affiliation with Sall, or any other political party.

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