White Walls Say Nothing (Film) Favorite 


Feb 27 2013


Buenos Aires

This film is being produced by White Wall Industries in association with graffitimundo.

graffitimundo is a Buenos Aires based arts organisations, dedicated to promoting the city’s urban art culture and supporting its artists. For the past four years graffitimundo have worked to build the profile of Buenos Aires’ thriving urban arts scene, working in close collaboration with a network of its leading artists. graffitimundo’s research into the origins of urban art in Buenos Aires, together with their close relationship with the city’s artists allows for an intimate exploration of a shared history, told by the artists themselves.

White Wall Industries is the production company behind the film. A partnership between Jonny Robson from graffitimundo and Gates Bradley, an independent director and producer from New York, White Walls Industries represents the work of people spanning three continents. This film is being produced and directed by Bradley & Robson, with cinematographer Michael Lockridge behind the lens.

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