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Mar 6 2015



"What I Couldn't Say in Public" transforms individual secrets into a public, anonymous spectacle.

While origins and exact location of the "What I Couldn't Say in Public" project are unknown, awareness about the project has grown over the micro-blogging platform of Tumblr. Amassing over 132,480 notes on the website, this practice may have possibly inspired others to imitate the same or similar projects in different locations.

Original Tumblr blogger of the photo series, gotarevolution, states:

"What I couldn’t say in public is a series of images exploring anonymous confessions and secrets from all ages of people. The confessions and secrets are posted and left in public places for people to view."

The project challenges public space as a potential forum for private feeling. The experience of cutting, assembling, and placing the paper confessions is an arguably cathartic experience for the secret-holder - assuming that this is the person responsible for creating the art works. Cardboard paper as a medium is ephemeral and easily damaged by outside conditions, rendering "What I Couldn't Say in Public" a fleeting, yet effective, moment of honesty.

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