Vil Du - a therapeutic tool for victims of sexual abuse Favorite 



Dec 20 2016



"Vil Du?! is a rather explicit game. You can undress characters until they are fully naked. The action-icons are based on physical parameters of the characters. Amongst others there is a vagina, a penis, a hand, a tongue and a mouth.
The use of these icons can have various connotations. It’s not the game that explains how to interpreted play, it is the player who gives meaning to the interactions. A hand on an arm, could mean stroking and caressing the arm. It also can be used to slap or pinch someone. This ambiguity invites players to express the interactions they are executing, helping them in small steps to verbalize what happened or what they wanted to occur."

Vil Du?! won’t be available in the App Stores. The app can only be used by professionals, in a therapeutic setting.

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