VIHDA Means Life 2 Favorite 



Feb 9 2009


New Haven, CT

With the support of the Amy Rossborough Foundation and several other Yale University affiliated departments, Tamara Leacock, while a senior at Yale University, designed a collection and produced a fashion show that explored through fashion, dance, and carnival an intimate portrait of HIV. The goal of the production was to display HIV in a setting that was intimate, personalized, and displayed with a human face. The production showcased 5 stages that represented metaphorically five stages of one woman re-acquainting herself with her body after realizing that she is HIV positive. Through the music selection, fashion choreography and the designs, audiences and participants were taken along an intimate journey from Sterility (stage 1) through Life and Carnival (Stages 4 and 5). Participants included Yale University students and members of three New York and New Haven based HIV advocacy organizations, for which the event raised funds to support these organizations' efforts. The organizations were SMART Youth, Liberty Community Services, and AIDS Project New Haven.

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