Victory over Violence Favorite 


May 13 1999


United States

The VOV campaign was launched to help young people identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their lives. It is for anyone who believes that the world should be less violent.

But, it’s especially for anyone who has ever thought that they couldn’t make a difference. If you haven’t given a lot of thought to how you could contribute to reducing the level of violence in the world and want to learn more, we are here to help you learn about the issues and get involved at a pace that works for your lifestyle.

Every day, amazing stories of victory over violence take place. If shared, these stories have the power to inspire change in countless others. You are going to discover a lot of powerful information on the site that will capture your interest in ways ranging from surprising and heart-warming to shocking and life changing. You will also find several fantastic ways to get involved, show your support, and encourage your friends to support as well.

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