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Jul 20 2017


Auckland New Zealand

As a visual art student, I’m interested in hearing your feedback about this project. Thanks
We need to make a call to awaken humanity from their passivity and social indifference and acceptance of criminals who did commit crimes against humanity. When a human suffers we also suffer. Is only one Humankind I’m not from a different species.
For the last few weeks I have extended my academic research into the violence in Colombia and also I have focused on corporate’ and business’ ethics, and their social responsibilities

“Institutional theory suggests that firms need to conform to the social norms in a given business environment because they cannot survive without a certain level of external social approval (legitimacy) (Meyer & Rowan 1977, DiMaggio & Powell 1983). Firms often conform not because external actors are powerful but because certain practices ‘are taken for granted as “the way we do these things”’ (Scott 2001:57).

“The languages and aspirations of citizenship have shaped the ways in which individuals understand themselves and relate to themselves and to others.“
Biological Citizenship. Carlos Novas.
BurgerFuel has used the underline messages of the series Narcos in their social media entries on Facebook so as to boost their advertising campaign. BurgerFuel’s narrative directly references narco terrorist Pablo Escobar and his conduct of making money through violence and intimidation. What is the message that BurgerFuel wishes to convey? Pablo as a role model? A person to admire?

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