Three Weeks in May 1 Favorite 



Jan 6 2012


Los Angeles, CA

In May of 1977, artist Suzanne Lacy mapped every reported rape in LA for a period of three weeks. This project, aptly named "Three Weeks in May", was part of an extended performance which Lacy utilized as a means to expose LA's problem of violence against women. As a centerpiece for this project, Lacy used a large map where she recorded every reported rape in the area with the word RAPE. As an extension of the project, Lacy worked with fellow artist Leslie Lebowitz, feminist writers, and activists to organize a series of performed activities such as "...speeches by politicians, radio interviews with hotline activists, news releases, self defense demonstrations, speak outs, and art performances."

The end goal was to remove the "...cultural silence on the actual incidence of sexual violence..." and raise awareness.

Last year, Lacy revived this landmark project at the LAPD's main campus in downtown LA. Thankfully, since her original project, the incidence of rape in LA is down and awareness remains up. So far, the new edition has received city-wide support from the public and officials alike.

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