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Jan 1 2012



the livability of our towns and cities commonly starts at the street,
block, or building scale. While larger scale efforts do have their
place, incremental, smallscale improvement efforts are increasingly seen
as a way to stage more substantial investments. This approach allows a
host of local actors to test new concepts before making substantial
political and financial commitments. Sometimes sanctioned, sometimes
not, these actions are commonly referred to as “guerilla urbanism,”
“pop-up urbanism,” “city repair,” or “D.I.Y. urbanism.” For the moment,
we like "Tactical Urbanism," which is an approach that features the
following five characteristics:

• A deliberate, phased approach to instigating change;

• The offering of local solutions for local planning challenges;

• Short-term commitment and realistic expectations;

• Low-risks, with a possibly a high reward; and

The development of social capital between citizens and the building of
organizational capacity between public-private institutions,
non-profits, and their constituents.

The Tactical Urbanism project is an ongoing body of work that aims to document and share tactics from around the world." (From site. Read more at the link below.)

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