Sweeping Out Corruption Favorite 



Sep 12 2011

Four ministers in Brazil have resigned since January after being implicated in corruption, and on Wednesday, protesters showed they've had enough.

Protesters planted 594 green and yellow brooms right in front of Brazil's Congressional building each representing the colors of Brazil's flag, and one for every representative. The brooms are symbolic of their demands that Brazil's legislators sweep out corruption. The brooms are green and yellow, the colors of Brazil's flag, and there is one for each representative. They were planted in front of Congress in September 2011 so the 513 members of the House and the 81 senators could see them.

“The purpose of our initiative is to make people aware of the extent of rampant corruption and to demand greater transparency in the management of public funds, since the deviation of funds is responsible for the death of thousands of Brazilians” said Antonio Carlos Costa, leader of Rio for Peace.

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