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Nov 10 2016


New York City

During her concession speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton uttered a simple, terrifying sentence: "Donald Trump is going to be our president." For many Americans—New Yorkers especially—the sickening reality of a Trump presidency is impossible to fathom. A few hours later, a rogue therapist set up shop in the 14th Street tunnel between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Armed with a few pens and hundreds of blank sticky notes, he encouraged people to share their thoughts about the presidential election and stick them on the wall for others to see.

"Because of how stressful the last couple of days were, I thought it would be nice to have something that people could do really quickly so that they could maybe get something off their chest," Levee, the artist behind Subway Therapy told ABC 7.

The messages affixed to the wall expressed everything from hope, despair, confusion, shock, and fear for the future. "What do we do now?" one person wrote. Another sticky note had an answer: "Don't mourn... Organize!" Another: "Racism, bigotry, ignorance won't win." And of course a simple: "Fuck Donald Trump."

According to Subway Therapy's Instagram, upwards of 1,500 people participated in the sticky note installation. Later that night, thousands of New Yorkers marched in protest of Trump's presidency.

Gaby Del Valle on Nov 10, 2016 10:20 am

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