Students at March for Our Lives Wear $1.05 Price Tags to Call Out Marco Rubio Favorite 



Mar 24 2018


Washington D.C.

Students at the March for Our Lives rallies across the country and world today, March 24, are wearing a “price tag” of $1.05. The reason? March organizers have argued that $1.05 is the amount each student is worth to Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

The organizers took the amount of money that Rubio has reportedly received from the NRA and divided it by the number of students in Florida. There are 3,140,167 students enrolled in the state of Florida, according to the organization, and Marco Rubio has received $3,303,355 from the NRA. That’s $1.05 for every student.

The March for Our Lives website created free printable price tags, and encouraged protesters to wear them during the march. “On March 24th wear this price tag to protest politicians who accept nra blood money and demand they pass meaningful gun control legislation now,” the organization's site explains.

In her speech today at the rally, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Sarah Chadwick explained the price tag decision even further. "This here is a dollar and five cents," she said, holding up the sticker. "When you take 3,140,167 — the number of students enrolled in Florida schools — and divide by $3,303,355 — the amount of money Marco Rubio has received from the National Rifle Association, it comes out to a dollar and five cents. Is that all we're worth to these politicians? A dollar and five cents? Was $17.85 all it cost you that day, Mr. Rubio? Well I say, one life is worth more than all the guns in America."

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