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Aug 17 2011


Ann Arbor, MI

American Painter, Joe Lovett completes painting of historic magnitude, Stretch the Strangle Hold is a painting that captures an emotional response to the lie of war.

After witnessing daily news reports exposing the political lies and the senseless death of our young American soldiers and innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians, I was spurred into action to protest these wars. I began Stretch the Strangle Hold in 2004 and to date it has been my greatest artistic endeavor, not only in scale but also the magnitude of its subject matter, solidifying my artistic activist role.

Stretch the Strangle Hold, a new painting by American Painter Joe Lovett, a work spanning seven years from 2004 until its completion in 2011 protests the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

About Stretch the Strangle Hold
Stretch the Strangle Hold is my response to the lie of war, my mission is to convey a visual message for the general public as well as a visual reminder that we as a global society have a responsibility to speak out against inhumanity, I seek the truth through artistic activism.

I continue to promote and spread the word that war is not an answer and that we need to question the motives of governments that continually profit from war.

Thank you,

Joe Lovett

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