Street Art Critiques Car Culture Favorite 



Nov 30 2000



In 2001, Peter Gibson, a street artist, began by painting bike additional bike lanes onto the streets in Montreal because he was tired of how cars dominated the road. This transferred into more works criticizing car culture in general. Some of his work includes a crosswalk turned into a large footprint and lines on the road transformed into life lines. His series of work is meant to address and spark conversation about the confining conditions of living in an urban environment and people's failure to use alternative methods of transportation. His works caused people to look at their lifestyles through a more critical lens.

Peter Gibson says: “Given the possibility of moving between work, the gym and home again without ever setting foot outside, it‘s not surprising that many people are out of touch with their surroundings. Under such conditions, space is merely transitional; the passing of scenery between point A and point B and it is therefore treated as such.”

In 2004, Peter Gibson was arrested for 80 accounts of public mischief, but received a fairly lenient sentence.

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