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May 20 2014


New Delhi, India

Daku is an Indian graffiti artist that engages in street art with political and social meaning. Little else is known about the elusive artist, due to the illegal nature of his work. The name "Daku" literally translates to bandit or dacoit in Hindi.

Ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2010 that took place in New Delhi, STOP signs were put up everywhere by the state government. Daku modified nine of these signs in the dead of the night as part of his Stop Series.

By subverting the message to create a powerful meaning, he got people, whether it was bus passengers, car drivers, or pedestrians, to notice these signs, that otherwise go unnoticed in Delhi's chaotic traffic.

The Planning Committee for the Commonwealth Games was widely criticized for unnecessary expenditure, scamming the tax-paying public, and wasting public resources that should have been utilized otherwise.

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