Speculative Fiction: Global Warming to the Extreme 1 Favorite 



Jan 1 2010



Josh Keyes is a contemporary artist who takes a "satirical look at the impact urban sprawl has on the environment and surmises, with the aid of scientific slices and core samples, what could happen if we continue to infiltrate and encroach on our rural surroundings."

His work, a combination of painting and sculpture, investigate the extreme end of what happens to the environment with the indifference that many cultures appear to have towards it.

The surprising aspect about his work, is how his entire body of work indicates that wildlife will progress, becoming the characters of his works, but humanity is notably absent, despite our structures and creations making up the landscapes that the animals interact with.

This emphasizes the fact that while we are ruining our chances to live on planet Earth by ignoring the environment we need to survive, the Earth can and will continue on without humanity.

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