Smoking Kid 1 Favorite 


Aug 21 2012



The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) is a non-profit organization that has been continuously holding above-the-line campaigns encouraging people to quit smoking. However, the number of people quitting smoking has not diminished as much as they want. Now, the THPF wants a fresh and new anti-smoking campaign that directly interacts with the smokers and instantly provokes them to realize the hazard of smoking in order to noticeably reduce the number of smokers in the country. In the Thai cultural context, adults naturally take action to educate children whenever they misbehave. However, when adults themselves repeat the children’s action, they overlook that misbehavior. Therefore, our strategy is to use smoking children to demonstrate adult’s misbehaving action. To do so, the creative solution is specifically designed to take place at the smoking areas outside busy buildings. While people are smoking, we get child actors, holding a cigarette to walk up to adults and ask them for a light. In this incident, adults will commonly refuse and warn them not to smoke, the child actors would ask them why they themselves are smoking and hand a ‘quit-smoking’ brochure to them. As a result, apart from 40% call inquiries increased, when the VDO was uploaded in YouTube, number of views reached over 600,000 views within 3 days and over 5,000,000 views within 10 days. It also rapidly generated high earned PR without spending any paid media. This does not include only Thailand’s top TV programs but also from international journalists from all over the world including Al Jazeera, Reuter, New York Daily News, Arab News, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Deccan Chronicle from India, Philstar from Philippines.

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