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May 12 2009


Polloc, Peru

In 2009, clergy from El Oratorio Don Bosco in Italy moved to Polloc, a remote town in Peru near Cajamarca, and began to build a mid-sized cathedral. In conjunction to the construction, they opened up a workshop next to the construction site for the local youth to engage in art-making programming after school and on the weekends. Adolescents were taught the art of mosaic, carpentry, and stonework, ultimately entering into the church to work on the construction themselves. The adolescents were allowed to pick with scenes they wanted to make into mosaics. The workshop has since grown into a school, still offering the after school arts programming, and incorporating traditional schooling during the day. The Church is used as a community space, for religious services, and as a tourist attraction. The church today exists with a courtyard, the workshop, and the church itself.

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