San Francisco Mime Troupe performs L’amant Militaire Favorite 



Mar 9 1967


across the midwest

The San Francisco Mine Troupe has been staging radical political theater for over fifty years. In 1967, the Troupe toured campuses across the midwest, performing L'amant Militaire - a satirized adaptation of an old anti-war play, updated to critique US involvement in the Vietnam War. The tour followed the movements of Dow Chemical's recruiting team, employing a marching band to publicize the corporation's manufacture of the napalm being used in the war effort.

Employing a puppet narrator that criticized religion, capitalism and American politics, L'amant Militaire ran for two weeks of sold out shows in New York, earning it a 1968 Obie award "for uniting theater and revolution and grooving in the parks".

The Troupe continues to perform free shows for audiences every summer in local parks.

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