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Jul 13 2011



Converse Rubber Tracks is a global community of professional recording studios, which provides free studio time to emerging artists. Bands and artists record without any fee whatsoever and maintain all the rights to their music.

These studios are supported by Converse shoes (Converse INC), and this is a way of promoting their band while maintaing a cool indie image. It is also a way to give back to the community of musicians and artists that give their brand credibility and buy their shoes. While it can be read as a sneaky marketing ploy, it is also an amazing resource for artists who, in many cases, would not be able to afford professional recordings otherwise. Activism or marketing? The question continues.

Converse Rubber Tracks es una comunidad mundial de estudios de grabación profesionales, donde se provee a músicos emergentes tiempo de estudio gratis. Los artistas graban sin costo alguno y mantienen todos los derechos de su propia música.

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