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Jun 1 1974



This is Marina Abramović's first attempt to interact with the audience on the spot, allowing the audience to become part of her work. Guns, bullets, kitchen knives, whips and other dangerous items), the audience can use any item to do whatever they want to her. Due to the unpredictable danger of the work, Marina promised to take full responsibility for the performance of the performance art. In the audience, some scribbled her body with lipstick, some cut her clothes with scissors, some painted on her body, some helped her rinse, and some cut her skin... Passing time Displacement, the audience found that no matter how they manipulated, Abramovich would not make any counterattack until someone put a loaded pistol against her head but was eventually stopped by others. In the process of being violent, Abramovich had already begun to have tears in her eyes, and her heart began to be full of fear, but she never made a physical response.

This work lasted for six full hours. Abramovich said: "This experience made me discover that once you submit your decision to the public, you are not far from death."

When there are no boundaries and constraints, good and evil lose their boundaries. In the crowd's surging emotions, emotions have replaced thinking, and the world has been split into "us" and "others." At this time, civilization and barbarism can become a unity of opposites. In this state, everyone can be the perpetrator. This boundary and restriction range from the psychological boundary between us and our close relationship and the work setting; as large as the laws and boundaries of the country, social system and group. When any person, or any group, has the supreme power, it is dangerous. This is true for a relationship, and so is a country, either in the hands of a dictator or in the hands of an overwhelming democracy.

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