Rhodes Must Fall Favorite 



Mar 6 2015

This series of protests began on the UCT campus in an effort to remove the bronze statute of Cecil Rhodes in the center of campus due to the belief that Rhodes represents the oppressive colonization of South Africa that eventually led to apartheid. The protests began when a student threw human feces at the statue and toyi-toyi'd around the statue (a South African dance with Zimbabwean origin), followed by physical altercations between student protesters and UCT security.
The Rhodes Must Fall campaign has sparked activism among the UCT student body and across the country as students push against the oppressive nature of the reminants of apartheid still visible in educational institutions. These protests have led to the Fees Must Fall, fighting for more equal economic opportunities in higher education for minority students, and the housing crisis protests, which addresses the unequal treatment of minority students in regards to the severe student housing shortage at UCT.

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