Respect The Living Too Favorite 



Jun 1 2014



An advertising agency creates a one-time action for traffic safety, then uses documentation to generate awards and free promotion for their company. Did traffic fatalities actually drop after this was done once? Their Press Release doesn't make mention.

From McCann's Press Release:

“Respect the Living Too!” is the message that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is sending to the Albanian public via a targeted campaign delivered in partnership with McCann Tirana. The campaign was created and implemented by the Agency, voluntarily and at no costs for Albanian taxpayers, as a response to the Ministry’s request for collaboration.

The intervention aiming at educating drivers and pedestrians with regard to traffic rules is of paramount importance considering the data on road accidents and casualties. While pedestrians trying to walk on zebra crossings are often ignored by drivers, the latter do not hesitate to respect tradition, stopping on the spot in front of funeral processions that cross the road.

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