Regina José Galindo- Performance Art Guatemala 1 Favorite 



Feb 3 2000


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Regina Galindo is a Guatemalan performance artist that uses her body as a means to explore many of the human rights violations in Guatemala. In one of her performances, " no perdemos nada con nacer," or " we don't lose anything by being born," the artist "disposes" of herself in a plastic bag. Naked, her body is dropped off at the garbage dump in Guatemala City in a gesture that seems to put in question the worth of a human life in a country where violence( and as a result, death) becomes normalized. Regina's other performances include "limpieza social," or "social cleansing," where the artist is sprayed with the hoses used by police in protests, and "Quien puede borrar las huellas," or "who can erase the footprints?" where the artist leaves footsteps of human blood in the city square, in front of the municipal building to protest the bloody dictatorship of former Guatemalan leader Rios Montt.

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