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Apr 25 2018



The elimination of Net Neutrality is a much bigger issue than most people would like to admit. This issue stems far from just an issue dealing with an open internet, free from biased control of the internet service providers, whom which we rely on. Many would like to believe that the elimination of our countries laws and regulations that have established a neutral internet, will create a more competitive market and a larger reach for what the internet could be. This is not the case. Internet service providers have monopolized areas, making a competitive market near impossible and we now are giving them even more power to decide how and where we access information and services via the internet. These ISPs have been granted a green light to do as they please, without regulation. We, or I guess I should say 3 unelected officials of the Federal Communications Commission, have given the power, and potentially our freedom, to the wrong people. We no longer have control of arguably the largest database of information to ever exist. If we do not do something to take back this power, to make sure that we have an open and equally biased internet, I fear that our rights as humans may be infringed upon. That is why I write to you today. I am seeking support, and more importantly action. I urge you to become more aware of the issue at hand, and take a stand for what is right. Over the past few months I have been working to develop a system of resources that would help bring social awareness to the issue of Net Neutrality, and attempt to create an activist movement for change. It could be as simple as spreading your thoughts on the issue, much like I am doing right now, sending a letter to your local government, creating your own images or works to help persuade someone to join the cause, or even attempt to change the physical world around us with an effort to show what the elimination of Net Neutrality could ultimately look like. All in a peaceful way, of course. I am attempting to redact these changes made by the FCC, I want to show that we have the power to take back what is ours.

Below is a letter that I have written, with the idea that it could be used by any person in support of saving Net Neutrality. This letter can be addressed to whom ever it deemed necessary and signed by whom ever as well. I urge everyone to share this letter, send them to the masses, and help create a change for the better in our country. The possibilities of losing an open unbiased internet is something that I hope we never experience in its entirety. The time for action is now.

“To whom it may concern,

You are receiving this letter today regarding the issue of Net Neutrality, and the current stance that we are facing today as a nation. This topic of internet openness is something that I, and many others, feel is an important aspect of life today as we know it. I fear that if something is not done to preserve the laws and regulations that we have established to create an unbiased, public and free space for everyone, then we may face even bigger issues in our future. The internet is something that allows individuals, businesses and everything in-between, to create an open space for information and services, with the ability to reach any one person or body at a local and international level. Net Neutrality is the driving force behind what makes this all possible. If we continue down this path, of gutting the structure that holds the foundation of our internet openness, we may lose these abilities.

Without Net Neutrality, we allow Internet Service Providers too much power in the decisions of what our internet will look like. ISPs will now have the ability to block and throttle content at their will. This is something I find very disturbing. With ISPs freely operating, without any government regulations stating that their service must be unbiased, they could easily block any content that they do not agree with or that does not fall inline with their ‘business plan’. This issue is such a grey area, that I do not believe it will be long before content that is blocked or throttled, borders on an invasion of our human rights. ISPs are already pushing the limits, attempting to get away with as much as possible with the current laws of Net Neutrality, what will stop them once these regulations are gone?

I strongly urge you to stand up for the people, and take back what is ours. We must take action, and protect the policies and regulations that allow for a free internet. My fear for an invasion of our human rights, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of press, as well as the freedom to access information at an unbiased level, is something that I do not carry alone. There are roughly 325 million U.S. citizens in this country, and a decision as important as this should not be left to 5 unelected officials within the Federal Communications Commission. Please take a stand for what is right. Be the good that can change a nation, not the evil that can destroy it.

Thank you for your time”

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