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May 13 1995


Bogota, Colombia

From 1995 to 1997, Colombian families reunited in front of the TV to watch Quac: El Noticero, a comedy newletter performed by the comedian Jaime Garzon and the actor Diego Leon Hoyos.

It has been the only space in which the Colombian society was allowed to see a well made newsletter about the reality of the country and their politicians from a comedy perspective.

These two actors invented around 10 characters to criticize and raise awareness about the situation in Colombia, without even saying names. The most important characters were a watchman, a house cook, a journalist, a conservative lawyer and a communist student all characterized by Garzon.

The sentence with which they started the program was: "Good night, welcome to the greatest desinformation of Colombia and the whole World".

Jaime Garzon was murdered in 1999 by Paramilitary groups.

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