Protest Protest Favorite 

This is a Universal Alignment Focal Point issue.

Protesting is the right of the American People. Being able to protest unmolested is also a right. Free assembly and redress of grievance via public protest is under assault in general, and in specific, activists and other political acts are drawing attention and reaction from our Policing systems: a misuse of power. Protesting is a form of free speech but most importantly it is a show of power that should be rewarded not suppressed.

The goal of the is to make democracy work by setting benchmarks in policy that empower the efforts of Organized Public Protests. Imagine if one million people show up for an issue, then legally the policy must change because of that accomplishment alone. Other benchmarks will have power over other degrees of policy.

One can only wonder how we got ourselves into the situations our leaders have gotten us in. Protesting, writing and working for a better world needs be empowered because the current system needs structural change. One law will give us the power over the system. is working on creating an enlightened framework for the new Public Protest laws that will allow the people of the United States to vie for legislative attention without a lobbyist. The voice will be more that words

Enough time and energy has been spent trying to get policy to change. thinks its time to empower the public by saying if they work for change...they will get it.

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