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Jul 9 2014


Hobby Lobby

Fun Craft Idea: Pro-Choice Trolling in Hobby Lobby Aisles
By Callie Beusman

Hobby Lobby is a large corporation-person whose interests include crafting, God and denying women affordable contraception access. If you're miffed that this chain retailer is a more of a person than actual human women and looking for a simple and sort-of-fun way to stick it to the corporation-Man, then look no further than each store's spacious depths! (Hint: they're lined with various large letters and letter-themed products.)

Today, Feministing featured the Hobby Lobby redecorating scheme of Jasmine Shea, who rearranged various alphabetical crafting supplies to spell out "PRO CHOICE" aaaaaalll over the store.

And last week, Nathaniel Peck of Policy Mic spelled out this glorious message in a Maryland branch of the esteemed Sir Hobby Lobby:

"It just seemed like a perfect opportunity to stage a kind of a silent protest, and the chance to use Hobby Lobby's own products to do it was just too serendipitous to pass up," Peck told Policy Mic. "I certainly don't want to encourage other people to ransack their local Hobby Lobby, but who am I to tell other people what to do with things like stamps, stencils, lawn signs, window decals and other items that can be used to spell things out in the aisles?"

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