"Playboy's" Top 10 Party Commandments Favorite 



Sep 1 2013



Force: Upsetting Rape Culture is a group of creative activists who seek to raise awareness about rape culture and promote consensual sex. They "create art actions to generate attention and get millions of people talking," in hopes that sex can become an empowering act rather than one of violence.

In creating their "Top 10 Party Commandments," Force set up a fake website and convinced the general public that Playboy had put out a list promoting consensual sex. This specifically targeted college campuses to combat Playboy's annual article about the nation's best party schools, which was postponed due to this action. Force also hoped to dispute ideas like substance abuse and date rape as excuses for non-consensual sex. Commandments include "Ask First!" and "Not Take Advantage of a Sloshed Person."

Additionally, Force followed up on this action by producing a magazine entitled "CONSENT: A Good Time for Everyone" to further educate people on how to breach the topic of consensual sex. This magazine later inspired the Consent Revolution Awards, a program at colleges throughout the nation where students entered their consensual-sex promoting actions.

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