The Pianists of Ukraine Favorite 



Feb 10 2014


Kiev Ukraine

In Kiev, clashes between protestors and police have persisted since December. Blood has been shed, and the political stability of Ukraine remains uncertain.
During late January and early February, the opposition began to play music (from pianos) in front of riot police. These artists modus operandi has been to serenade protestors and police toward peaceful consensuses.
On February 10th, a coalition of more artists set up a piano on top of the barricades on Grushevsky Street in central Kiev. With protestors and police on opposite sides of the barricades, pianists braved the tension in the air to play classic songs by artists like Chopin, The Beetles, and other classical musicians. In opposition, police set up loudspeakers on their side of the barricade and turned on Russian pop music.
Ultimately, the piano has become a symbol for peaceful resistance across Ukraine. Let us hope that stability will come to the region as soon as possible.
In light of Viktor Yanukovich fleeing to Russia, and the Russian military invading the Southern Crimean region this weekend, the region is headed towards a more murky future than the pianist activists must have envisioned when they first decided to play.
Perhaps Western powers will soon come together and send military forces into Ukraine. They could aid the very protesters (and pianists) who have risked their lives in hopes of joining the European union one day.

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