Party at the Unemployment Office 1 Favorite 



Apr 30 2009



The crisis is here, let the party begin! April 30, 2009. At first the crisis was just a state of being, a kind of social sadness that paralyzed everything. To break this atmosphere we couldn’t think of anything better than to throw a party. The first thing you need for a party is a good location, so we set out to find a place where social sadness and fear were extremely present. It didn’t take us long to find one: an unemployment office. We turned up there one morning with our sound system. It was amazing. Less than five minutes of dancing and messing around were enough to put a smile on those long faces.
The video of the party became very famous, far more so than we ever imagined. Today it has over a million hits and has been an inspiration for many other celebrations which, since then, have been held at employment offices throughout the country.

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