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May 13 2015


Pampachica, Peru

As part of USAID's "My Comunidad-Mi Agua" program in Peru, "Pamparadio" was a radio show run by two adolescents from the community of Iquitos, a jungle province. Armed with a gigantic speaker on the top of a community center and an AM radio frequency, Marco Jhastin Anchec and Cledy del Aguila Mozombite single-handedly ran "Pamparadio" as a celebration of potable water, how to make it, and how to take care of it. Under the banner of the project "Sed de Ti", a radionovela in 90 chapters dealing with community-created stories on water rights, Marco and Cledy led community discussions on how to take care of the Amazon River, how to boil water so as to make it potable, how to talk to a neighbor that is wasting water, and how to build an outhouse that doesn't pollute the yard or the river.

Marco and Cledy also used their community space to run workshops on water rights for their community. These water rights workshops consisted of proper hand-washing techniques, food preparation, and washing without using too much hot water so as to keep your home cost-effective. This tandem of hosting the radio show and the workshops saw Pamparadio achieve the most success in the USAID program, recording the most people at outreach events and soliciting the most positive feedback.

The USAID program has since finished, but the speaker has remained at the community center for use beyond Marco and Cledy's stay.

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