Palestine: Cartography of an Occupation Favorite 



Sep 16 2013



Artist-activist collective MTL's clickable collages connect disparate aspects of Palestine's geographical and political landscape, offering provocative insight into "how Palestinians suffer and struggle in ways that are parallel to those elsewhere" according to philosopher Michael Hardt.

About MTL:
MTL is a collaboration that joins research, aesthetics and organizing in its practice. MTL’s underlying interest is the experience of being human and the broader cultural and social arrangements that make up our lives. As a movement, MTL attempts to disseminate montages of places and histories and of oppression and liberation. For MTL, why and who speaks on behalf of someone matters. This interest in voice is triggered by the demise of the nation-state and the observation that governments no longer represent the will of the people. On the ground, MTL circumvents filters and reaches unheard voices. MTL talks to people about life, liberation and their realities, documenting the roads and geographies that lead to conversation. Sometimes MTL is a passenger and other times a driver. Acknowledging where we are at, MTL asks: “How do we live? Who’s telling the story?"

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