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May 15 2011


Madrid Spain

Orquesta Solfónica de Madrid

The Orquesta Solfónica de Madrid (Solphonic Orchestra of Madrid) is a self-organized orchestra that was formed in the context of the social movement 15M and that has gained popularity for playing classical music in demonstrations and acts of social protest.

With their music, they reclaim that "the people is free, inteligent and able to organize itself. [This is] A proposal for a form of activism and of doing politics that invalidates the stereotypes associated to social movements: we're proud to be "perro-flautas" (pejorative term used in Spain to refer to protesters that evokes the stereotype of the bum with a dog and a flute), and after working very hard – sometimes for a lifetime – we spread indignation and anger, but with waves of joy and beauty. We take the streets with sound waves: nothing scapes to vibration, and even the foolest head will hear somehow. We are unbeatable!"

From playing Beethoven Ninth Symphony in a crawded Puerta del Sol after the first demostrations organized by the 15M movement in the summer of 2011 to playing inmediately after the police charged agains the protesting miners in the summer of 2012; from playing in Madrid's subway to support its workers in may of 2013to playing with the famous spanish rock singer Miguel Ríos in the most important cultural association in Madrid for a universal public healthcare in january of 2014, the Orquesta Solfónica de Madrid has accompanied a great proportion of the social movements that have gone over the streets of the capital of Spain.

In one of their most recent public appearances they infiltrated as visitors in the Spanish Congress of the Deputies and started playing in the middle of the debate to express their discontent towards the new Civic Security Act (Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana), also known as Gag Law (Ley Mordaza) in december of 2014.

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