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Jan 28 2013



Woman Spent 15 Days And Nights Occupying IKEA

A woman, with the help of Portuguese creative agency TBWA Lisboa, went on 'protest' at an IKEA store in Portugal.

Called ‘Occupy IKEA’, the movement was to urge IKEA to set up a store in Madeira.

The woman spent 15 days and nights living in IKEA, setting up a live blog and a reality TV show about her days of protesting in the store.

Little messages were left around the store to garner as much attention to support the movement.

Updates and live happenings were also updated on Facebook, which received strong positive feedback in support of the idea.

Eventually, IKEA heard her and built a store in Madeira; the movement inspired others to take a stand in asking for an IKEA store built in their hometowns.

By Sarah Lee, 29 Jan 2013

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