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Nov 25 2014


New York

Two reflective stickers in a bathroom stall. When you sit down you can see your face in the bottom one. When you stand you can see your face in the top one, your groin in the bottom one. The top one says "Public", the bottom one says "Private". Or maybe the top one says "Private", and the bottom one says "Public". Which one is correct?

Pasted anonymously in bathroom stalls all over New York, This Is Not Your Body aims to blur the line, the image, and the sense of the private self as lawmakers and society see your rights to privacy. With the admission that the NSA can look into your private conversations, hackers can access your photos, and sexual assault and abortion laws are decided by people whom they do not affect, how truly private is your body? How much is it public property?

A tumblr link is listed on the "Private" sticker that links to a manifesto and ongoing photo project documenting the places that This Is Not Your Body has been enacted. Those who find themselves in an intervened stall can visit the site, submit their own pictures, or scroll through the curated content on the site.

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