Mystery Artist Paints Penises Around Potholes To Get Them Fixed 2 Favorite 



Apr 10 2015


Manchester, England

Armed with a can of washable spray paint, an artist in Greater Manchester, England, has embarked on a worthy crusade: to rid the region of potholes… by drawing penises on them.

The anonymous artist, who goes by the name “Wanksy,” told the Manchester Evening News that he decided to draw attention to the “appalling” pothole-ridden streets after some of his cyclist friends were badly injured on the roads.

“I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable. Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus,” he said. “It’s also speedy, I don’t want to be in the road for a long time. It seems to have become my signature. I just want to make people smile and draw attention to the problem.”

Wanksy, whose pseudonym was inspired by street artist Banksy, has apparently won himself many fans for his antics. The local government, however, is not amused.

Amused or not, Wansky's efforts have seen some success. By using an image considered lewd, he drew enough attention to the issue to get it fixed. In the fight between pothole and penis, penis prevailed.

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