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Apr 20 2015



There’s some great news for supporters of The Sarkeesian Effect, the seemingly random collection of badly filmed interviews with assorted people who dislike Anita Sarkeesian that is allegedly being edited into a film of some kind!

In a new video, Jordan Owen — the hairier of the two Sarkeesian Effect impresarios — has announced an amazing new opt-out opportunity for the alleged film’s backers to donate money to him and his pal (then enemy, then pal again) Davis Aurini.

Owen reports that, even though they’re supposedly already done filming their alleged film, the two have somehow managed to work out a way to do some more filming “that we didn’t think that we’d be able to do but it’s really going to tie the movie together,” much like the non-big Lebowski’s famously peed-on rug, I guess.

Now, Owen won’t provide any details — which, he suggests, might have something vaguely to do with the Honey Badgers’ recent escapade in Calgary? — but apparently it is a quite exciting filming opportunity and it somehow requires another month’s worth of funding for the alleged film, and unless the project’s backers specifically opt out by the end of the month they’re going to get charged for it!

It’s all very ethical.

In the video, Owen also invites supporters to check out the amazingly professional web site they have up for their amazing film at I would also highly recommend that you check it out; it is in every way up to the exacting standards the two are known for.

And before I forget, I’d like to mention some great news for fans of the unintentional comedy that the Sarkeesian Effect duo provide almost every time they open their mouths.

A couple of Sarkeesian Effect mockers — Andrew Todd from and @kav_p from Twitter — have come into the possession of puppets that, as Kav P puts it, look “startlingly similar” to the Sarkeesian Effect duo. They plan to produce a series of short videos starring said puppets.

Here’s the theme song for the series, which they call MRAsterpiece Theater. You may notice that despite costing nothing to anyone but the two people who made it, this video somehow manages to look and sound a lot more professional than anything the actual Sarkeesian Effect dudes have produced so far.

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