The Merit Shop 1 Favorite 


Jan 1 2014


San Francisco, CA

This shop is more interested in people than it is in profits. If you've got some mad dance skills, or even just some mediocre ones, you can purchase a variety of goods at The Merit Shop in San Francisco.

The mobile store allows patrons to pay for items such as candy, clothes, crayons, and even iPods with talent instead of cash. Singing a song, reciting a poem, and drawing a picture are all among the acceptable forms of currency at the store that refers to itself as "the little corner shop of anarchy."

The Merit Shop is based on the belief that not everybody has money, but everybody has talent. It's a way of rethinking how our culture uses money as a divider—classifying those who have it as worthy, while those who don't are often viewed as inadequate or inconsequential.

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