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Feb 7 2006


Westbury, New York

Menstruation Terrorism is the act of frightening folks with the visibility of menstruation.

This action matters because menstruation taboo exists simply so that our periods are undetectable. Systems such as educational institutions, work spaces/culture and sports/play have been designed only with cismen in mind. Although women, non-binary and tran folk are taking up space were still hiding our tampon and pads on our way to the restroom. Like I said, undetectable. This is why it's important to me now.

However, at the age of 12-13 it was about shock over something that seemed insanely silly to me. For the girls that joined in, I think it was really about girlhood and what that can mean. Secret girls clubs and making agreements are something that has evolved with me today. Now they are sacred circles and more long term projects. I think it's also nice for girls to get in trouble for something 'gross' as it occurs that only boys can be gross or pull pranks.

WAYS: My first act was in middle school. I organized all of the girls in my class to bring menstruation products they had at home as well as red food dye and markers. That morning we prepared the products with fake blood. We began hugging and patting our male peers on the back, this way the pads and panty liners really stuck on. With tampons we would either throw them in hoods of clothings, lunch drinks (everyone was really impressed by tampons absorbent technology at that point), and tying them to various lockers. This prank caused much chaos, but non of the girls got in trouble. We had our girlhood pact and no one was comfortable enough to fully confront any of us. As accusations began I simply said I'm not menstruating right now and began asking other girls "hey are you menstruating right now?". We were dismissed abruptly after that.

WINS: Increased attention and shock value for sure. Also proving that menstruation taboo although stupid is so strong that confronting the act with followed consequences was too uncomfortable. It is incredibly powerful for 12-13 yr old girls to know they have the ability to make others uncomfortable and be feared by authority figures and cismales. Who needs guns, when we have tampons?

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